It is highly recommended that our Sibelius loudspeakers are mounted on their bespoke stands. Made from 5mm thick high grade steel, finished with a satin black powder coated lacquer, the stands have six primary functions:

  1. Increasing stability. Especially on an uneven or soft floor covering
  2. Forming an acoustic bridge, allowing for a free flow of air between enclosure and floor (especially important on hollow or wooden floors)
  3. Reducing loading on the rear terminals by offering support for heavy speaker cables via the Velcro clamps on the raised back plate
  4. Keeping the enclosures upright in all directions on an uneven floor
  5. Allowing slight, front to back, tilt for fine tuning of speaker positioning
  6. Restricting the chance of damage to the base of the enclosures from vacuum cleaners, floor mops, children’s toys and accidental flooding or damp, or simply getting kicked!

For customers with flat wooden, stone or tiled floors, our Belgian Blue stone plinths give a simpler look and feel to the installation. Dating from the middle Paleozoic era (+/-300M years ago) Belgian bluestone is a fascinating limestone, filled with clearly visible fossils. Our bluestone plinths are cut, polished, using what is commonly known as a ‘salt glaze’ finish.

  • 235mm X 280mm X 45mm
  • Weight 7.5kgs (each)