Heritage & Manufacture:

The Sibelius CG is identical to the SG in every aspect, apart from the fact that its cone has a deep copper colour which some people prefer. The ‘CG’ is a limited edition of only 48 pairs. Please check for availability.

The Sibelius CG is comfortable covering most genres of music but especially acoustic instruments either in classical, jazz, folk, blues and light rock. From solo voice to small ensembles, chamber and symphonic orchestras the Sibelius CG faithfully reproduces the full dynamics required by each type.

The Sibelius cabinets are crafted from 3.2 cm thick French oak and take a total of 12 weeks to manufacture from start to finish. Each cabinet has its own visual signature and is matched with its left (or right) handed partner, prior to receiving its final colour finish.

Pairing: Because The Sibelius SG delivers so much detail (nothing is lost) it is best paired with very high quality amplifiers. This means; ‘low distortion’ and extremely dynamic. We have no specific preference whether it is single ended ‘Class A’ triode vacuum tube amplifiers or high quality solid state amplifiers. In our listening rooms we use all kinds of amplifiers, including very high-end Class D. If we have a preference it is for ‘Class A’ or the absolute best class ‘D’. However we have also had very good results with current dumping amplifiers, which can handle massive transients without the distortion sometimes found in lower quality AB (push-pull) amplifiers.


Impedance: 7.5 Ohm
Power handling: 35 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak
Efficiency: 87.5db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output: 105db @ 1 Meter peak (in practice consider 96-98db as a working maximum)
Frequency range: 38Hz-20Khz. (-6db occurs in most listening rooms at around 32Hz)
Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
Weight: 29kg each