Hello Ajay,

I received the speaker last Thursday and wanted to spend a few days with it before giving you my impressions.

First, I want to give a huge thank you to the folks in Belgium who built this. The fit and finish is just beautiful. As for the sound, I am very happy to report that my expectations are fully met and more. The sound is very detailed and neutral in a most positive way. I have listened to music from Bach to Monk and when the music is well recorded and mastered, the Sibelius’ reproduction is such that I can close my eyes and almost feel the musicians in the room with me.

I think that this is also, in part, due to the nature of mono recordings, which is why I wanted high-end reproduction. With a true mono cartridge, mono vinyl is surprisingly quiet with surface noise well below that from a stereo record. And often better dynamics as well. And now the mono system is top-notch.

So, again, thanks to all, the designers, the builders and to you for making this all happen.