Mathieu Roskam 2020

Mathieu Roskam

I first came across loudspeaker designer Harley Lovegrove and Pearl Acoustics while working as a jury member for the Belgian classical music charity YBT.  Pearl Acoustics were one of the key sponsors and being interested in HiFi, it wasn’t long before Harley and I got talking about loudspeakers and trying to capture the accuracy of acoustic instruments.  Sometime later, Harley invited me to his studio to hear the Sibelius speakers.  From the first moment, I was amazed by the amount of detail they reproduced. But I was also extremely interested in his concept of genuine sustainability; building loudspeakers that could be handed down from one generation to the next.

Every musician has their own personal sound and being so, there are as many different clarinet sounds as there are clarinet players in the world. So, the fact that the Sibelius SG’s are able to reproduce the tiniest difference of sound and expression is extremely interesting because it means you can hear not only the little details of each instrument but also the personality of each player too.  Everything sounds real.

At the end of a long day, I really enjoy taking time out to sit back and relax at home, listening to music. So, the Sibelius SG’s were a natural choice for me, not only because I liked the look of them but because they sound so pure, that the listening experience is anything but fatiguing. I am also a vintage freak and the Sibelius SG’s fit in very nicely with my taste for beautiful handmade objects that are designed to last.”

Mathieu Roskam   2020