Gábor H

The Sibelius loudspeakers arrived and are installed. The unpacking was not too complicated. The speakers are beautiful. I placed them on stands with spikes I had got earlier.

I took your advice and moved the Sibelius loudspeakers to the inside and to my surprise, the soundstage expanded horizontally. When I listen to music I hear the instruments stepped outside beyond the Sibelius loudspeakers as if they were placed on the outside. With regards to bass, it’s very interesting. I thought that the bigger woofer of Dynaudio would give more bass, but no! To my surprise, there is no difference at all in the low frequency range. I listen to the Sibelius for classical, jazz, acoustic and sometimes for jazz-rock and blues music. I listen to the Dynaudio speakers for rock, hard rock and metal.

Gábor H.
Dunakeszi, Hungary

My audio system:

I drive both loudspeakers with a 2 X 20W Class-A SE amplifier made by myself. (Emission Lab EML 300B-XLS-V4 + 6SN7GT)

Preamp is also made by myself using low noise 6922 tubes per channel.

CD player is a Sony XA50ES and Oppo BDP-105D for SACD, DVD-A & BD-A.

Speaker cable: Neotech NES-3004 II for connecting Dynaudio DAK 3-60 speakers. (Crossover updated by myself).

Speaker cable: Dynavox Black Line Flexible Premium for Sibelius ‘SG’.

Interconnect cables: Neotech KSH154-SPC & Neotech NEMOI–5220.

I use DC filter circuit in mains AC supply and Isotek AC filter as well.