The sound quality and appearance is outstanding.  I am using an Anthem AVM90 processor, Emotiva 200W amp, and a Lumin T2 DAC as my primary components.  I also use an SVS SB4000 sub to augment the low end.

I have the speakers in an equilateral triangle to my listening chair and have them toed directly to me. This gives the best results in my listening room.  It seems Frank Sinatra is in my room! I am amazed 2 small drivers can provide such a superlative soundstage.

Shipping packaging for the speakers and stands was excellent and I had no damage. FEDEX did deliver the stands 2 days after the speakers.

The 2 screws that are in the rear of the speaker stands do not seat 100% flush so I used painters tape to protect the bottom of the speakers – they are too nice to even mar the bottoms.

Harley’s excellent YouTube videos introduced me to the speakers. He is quite the ambassador for this fine product.

I appreciate the friendly tone of your emails and quick responses when I needed it.


Virginia, United States