Heritage & Manufacture:

For absolute connoisseurs only, the Sibelius ‘P’ has the same characteristics of the SG except that it is driven by a paper cone. Vintage lovers who appreciate the sound of paper cones will appreciate the Sibelius ‘P’. Whereas the Sibelius SG is suited for most genres, the ‘P’ is mostly comfortable as far away as possible from heavy rock and electronically synthesized music. The Sibelius ‘P’ demands to be part of only the very highest quality of Hi-Fi installation systems. Because of its very shallow profile drive cone it needs to be placed in rooms that have been acoustically optimized for realistic and comfortable listening.

Pairing: Only the very best, high quality amplifiers: Single ended ‘Class A’ triode vacuum tube amplifiers or extremely high quality solid state amplifiers with very low distortion specifications.

The Sibelius cabinets are crafted from 3.2 cm thick French oak and take a total of 12 weeks to manufacture from start to finish. Each cabinet has its own visual signature and is matched with its left (or right) handed partner, prior to receiving its final colour finish.

Pearl Acoustics


Impedance: 6.2 Ohm
Power handling: 30 Watts RMS – 65 Watts peak
Efficiency: 89.6db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output: 104db @ 1 Meter peak (in practice consider 94-96db as a working maximum)
Frequency range: 40Hz-20Khz (-6db occurs in most listening rooms at around 38Hz)
Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
Weight: 29kg each