Jürgen Suk


“Every hour of listening is deep diving into music. And that is what it is meant to be, in my personal opinion!”  

From a technological point of view it is fascinating how ”reduced“ a  loudspeaker can be. Just a single driver, no crossover and short wires, all packed in a solid cabinet made of fine French oak. But all these measures pay off in superb sound! A holographic sound stage, fine dynamics and details in the mid-range, in combination with the ability of reproducing voices in a wonderful melting timbre way, helps me easily to dive into any kind of music. I really love the Sibelius a lot and I think we will be friends for a very long time…

I couple my Sibelius SG’s to the following equipment:

  • Pre-Amp Brinkmann Calvin
  • Power-Amp Brinkmann Stereo
  • Source Innuos ZEN MK.3
  • DAC Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
  • Wiring Fadel Art Aerolink RCA and Horn Audiophiles Odin Speaker cable

Jürgen Suk