Dear Harley,

I had a very busy week, so I couldn’t write to you before, telling you more about my experience with my new combo of your Sibelius loudspeakers and my Pass Labs XA25 amplifier. That’s a wonderful combination, indeed.

The Sibelius loudspeakers are exactly what I expected. A beautiful and simple piece of craftsmanship with a beautiful and cared finished. The colour your team insightfully suggested to me is a perfect match for my floor. And they are rock solid. The bases are also clean and stylish, and they do help move loudspeakers in case of need. So, they are really looking good in my living room.

Regarding the sound, they are superb. They are really able to cope with large orchestras, sudden bursts of sound (Pandemonium of Berlioz, for example) and all the delicacies of piano, cello, violin or voice as solo instruments as I tried with Zimerman’s recording of Debussy’s preludes, Schumann’s violin concerto with Jacqueline du Pré, Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas with Julia Fischer and Julia Lezhneva’s Handel recording. I confess I was surprised by the bass being so natural and detailed as I tested with percussion music of Xenakis’s «Psappha – Rebonds – Okho». I can say the same with some more contemporary music as Max Richter’s Four Season or Woolf Works. Pearl Acoustics really nailed it.

As so, it will be my long term combination and a delight to my senses. I’m in debt with you, Harley!

Thanks again for your kind support during all the decisions and buying process.

Best wishes,