Ajay Verma

Hi Harley & Summer,

Thank you so much for the swift service in providing me with my pair of ‘Cherry’ Sibelius CG loudspeakers… they arrived within 24 hours of leaving the factory!

Rarely do I purchase an audio component without listening to it and evaluating it first. However, I made an exception for the Sibelius speakers… and boy, I’m so glad I did!

I stayed up till the early hours of the morning listening to them… Wow, what can I say? I’ve never heard anything quite like it. They are the most open, transparent, natural, and effortless loudspeakers I have ever heard. And the build quality is simply sublime. The Sibelius are, in fact, fine musical instruments!

They are most definitely taking a permanent place in our showroom here at Art+Sound in London!

Please tell all your U.K. prospects that they are always welcome to book themselves in for an audition of your Sibelius loudspeakers at Art+Sound.

(By the way, your speaker cables are also fantastic… wonderfully made and sound superb!).

Thanks for everything!


Art+Sound in London.