The Sibelius - Natural Oak

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) 

 Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)


The Sibelius is a single drive unit, floor standing loudspeaker utilizing an internal front loaded, quarter wave ‘V’ horn.  It  produces sound in the most natural way possible. Sound as close to a musical instrument as ever can be.  Close your eyes and you can hear the musicians in your room: every one of them. You can hear if they are on the left or the right, and if it is well recorded whether they are to the front or to the rear of the stage. 

There is simply no other speaker anywhere better able to keep everything in phase. This phenomenal result is obtained by having all the sound produced by a single drive unit that has extra ordinary characteristics. When it is combined with a pair of solid oak enclosures the Sibelius speakers are able to faithfully reproduce the full bandwidth of an orchestra or Rock band from a single source.

Built to the very highest standards out of finest French Oak* our enclosures are designed to last forever.  Each drive unit is hand made and hand tuned in its enclosure over a period of one hundred hours in our auditioning room so that we can be absolutely sure that when they leave our workshop they are performing at their very best.

The Sibelius is so pure, so refined we see no reason why they shouldn’t be handed down from one generation to the next.  They utilize no filters, crossovers or other unnecessary electronic devices. The two output wires from the back of the amplifier are connected directly to the voice coil of the loudspeaker by means of two very sturdy gold plated terminal posts. A pair of Sibelius speakers form the perfect combination of drive unit and enclosure design to produce possibly the purest sound reproduction of all time. 

The Sibelius is named after the great Finish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957).

Throughout his career his only passion was to create fine works that brought to life the rich pallet of sounds and colour that reflected the purity of nature; from the bright metallic crispness of the brass section of the orchestra to the thunderous sound of kettledrums and double basses.

His music could switch from full on to the most delicate nuances of a solo violin, oboe or flute in fractions of a second. But most of all, Sibelius created exceptional sound imagery the breadth and depth of his music being the perfect platform for
Pearl Acoustics
to show off our Sibelius loudspeakers with their ability to produce breathtaking imagery (not only left and right but also depth: front and back); the purity of our design allowing all the natural tones and nuances to come through.

Impedance: 7.5 Ohm
Power handling: 40 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak
Efficiency: 87.5db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output : 105db @ 1 Meter
Frequency range: 28Hz-30Khz (ten octaves)*
Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
Weight: 29kg each

The degree decibel attenuation is likely to vary from one location to another; just like the audible frequency range a musical instrument will be affected depending on the hall or room in which it is played and / or the position of the listener within the room. If you have any concerns whatsoever as to how they might perform in your location, please contact us and we will do our best to advise you and to make sure that the speakers you receive are hand tuned to match your requirements.

Sibelius Natural Oak