Please note that this product has been replaced by The Sibelius and is now only made to special order. Please contact us for more information on this speaker.

The Valentini

The Valentini is a single unit, floor standing loudspeaker utilizing an internal rear loaded, quarter wave exponential horn.  Like its big brother ‘The Sibelius’, it produces sound in the most natural way possible. Sound as close to a musical instrument as ever can be.  Close your eyes and you can hear the musicians in your room: every one of them. You can hear if they are on the left or the right, and if it is well recorded, whether they in the front or at the back of the stage. This phenomenal result is obtained by a combination of the unique design of the drive unit itself and the design of its enclosure.


The Valentini is able to reproduce the sound of a solo voice, orchestra or Rock band from a single source at a volume up to and above the maximum recommended level for small to medium sized listening rooms.

The Valentini’s strong points are its amazing off axis and high end reproduction.  Because it is using a totally unique, state of art 4” single drive unit it can, not only, deliver a smooth frequency response right up to 32kHz (two octaves higher than the audible range of a human being), it is also able to give a very clear sound stage image, regardless as to whether the listener is standing up, sitting down, to the left or the right. It’s as close as having the musicians in the room as can ever be.

Built to the very highest standards out of finest French Oak the Valentini’s cabinet is designed to last forever. Paired with the outstanding Mark Audio drive unit, it will offer years of continued and trouble free service.   Because the Valentini’s drive unit requires ‘running in’ (to be sure that the Valentini’s perform at their very best from their first note client side) we drive each unit for at least one hundred hours in our auditioning rooms before they are finally dispatched to our customers.

The Valentini’s utilize no filters, crossovers or other unnecessary electronic devices. The two output wires from the back of your amplifier are connected directly to the voice coil of the loudspeaker by means of two very sturdy gold plated terminal posts.  Each Valentini is individually assigned a unique serial number and brass inscription of it’s inspirer’s signature.

Don’t just take our word for it, here what others have to say:


Impedance:  5.4 Ohm
Power handling:  20 Watts RMS – 45 Watts peak
Efficiency:  86db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output : 101db @ 1 Meter
Frequency range: +/- 3db: 28Hz-30Khz (ten octaves)*
Dimensions:  894mm (H) 170mm (W) 452mm (D)
Weight:   12.5kg each

The Valentini is named after the great Italian composer Arcangelo Valentini (1653-1713).  An absolute master of the violin and forerunner of Bach. Valentini took chamber music to a new level of beauty and sophistication. He is known for his exquisite melodies and wonderful harmony and counterpoint. It was Valentini’s ability to give each instrument their own voice that inspired Pearl Acoustics to re-name their speaker after him.

The Valentini is known in many circles around the world as the Frugel-Horn Mk3. It was originally designed as a project by an extremely talented and dedicated team back in 2011. They were looking to design an enclosure that could faithfully reproduce the widest audio spectrum with the smallest feasible single drive unit in order to ensure purity and clarity.  Their wonderful design has been described as a ‘timeless classic’ and Pearl Acoustics are proud to be given permission to manufacture their design under license.

The original design of the Valentini was of 15mm or 18mm plywood. However, Pearl Acoustics’ years of study and research has proven that natural solid, slow grown, slow aged French Oak proves a far more agreeable cabinet enclosure material; not only for its improved acoustic properties but also for its resilience and natural beauty.

The level of quality of the Pearl Acoustic adaptations to the original design does not stop at the materials but also in the way it uses a patented technique for binding them together, thereby generating an extremely rigid and absolutely airtight binding that are otherwise only possible with sub-optimal bracing and reinforcements.
Arcangelo Valentini (1653-1713)

Arcangelo Valentini (1653-1713)

Arcangelo Valentini (1653-1713)
The Valentini
The Valentini Weathered Oak