Our team behind the scenes

Let us build your next pair of speakers...

Chris Cabergs - Cabinet Maker

Chris Cabergs studied engineering at the University of Leuven in Belgium. He married into a family of joiners. Within a few years he and his wife set up a new workshop together, employing local talented craftsmen. The desire to improve and stretch the abilities of the team remains a passion for them still today.

 In 2009 Chris Cabergs and his wife Peggy met Harley Lovegrove a business leader and longtime Loudspeaker cabinet designer. The rest, as they say ‘is history’. 


Evan Yu: Developer for China

Evan Yu is a driver designer and production specialist with 16 years’ experience in the audio industry. He started as a technician for a Taiwanese manufacturer gaining promotion in the second year to a senior in charge of several large-scale development projects. Later, becoming head of project development and technical team leader. His work includes projects for JVC Japan, responsible for new product development, trial production and technical guidance.

In 1997 Evan transferred to a new company responsible for all engineering development work on Japanese products for Panasonic, JVC, SONY, Philips and Thomson. He was in charge of audio speaker, projects types for LCD TV, Computer, I-pod and Car audio. His development products were exports to Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil and other places. In 2007 Evan joined Mark audio as a consultant. He now works as the Leader for many of the production projects and is co-ordinating the development of audio speakers for China and other Asian customers.

Evan’s music choices are quite modern. His main passion is vocal music.


Taniguchi san: Associate

Taniguchi is a university graduate specialising in acoustics. After graduation, he became an OEM speaker systems designer and maker for 33 years. After having experienced one year quality control, he concentrated on speaker unit and system design, mostly producing for major Japanese and multi-national brands.

Taniguchi san likes most forms of music. Recently, he’s been spending time listening to jazz vocal.


Kitagawa san: Associate

Kitagawa graduated as an engineer, going directly into the audio speaker industry. He’s been working in this industry as an OEM speaker maker for 33 years. His specialty is quality control and a guarantee of quality. In addition, he makes a specialty of it about the setup of the new product.

Kitagawa san likes jazz, fusion and rock music. He’s a fan of  Quincy Jones