What equipment do I need to drive a Pearl Acoustics speaker?

This is the beauty of the Pearl Acoustics design, any high quality amplifier will do; it really is a matter of personal choice. We have a customer who is happy driving a pair of Valentini’s with a mid-priced Yamaha receiver. However most of our clients choose for high-end Class A tube amplifiers or solid state equivalents. Ideally the amplifier should be able to deliver undistorted transients of at least 45 watts per channel into 8ohms.

In our test studio we use a Mark O’Brian Rogue Audio Stereo 90 tube amplifier from America and a Quad 405 Mk3 from Net Audio (a complete re-build of the amazing Quad 405 current dumping amplifier using modern, higher specification components). Although they are both ‘class A’ amplifiers (strictly speaking the Mark O’Brian is A+B but we run it in Triode mode), they both sound very different. We link these power amplifiers to various types of pre-amplifiers depending on customer preference and the type of source material.

Just like some cellists like to use gut strings while others prefer steel, amplifiers are largely a question of personal taste and the need for features.  However we would like to draw your attention to a very special amplifier that Mark Fenlon, the CEO of the manufacturing company that builds our drive units,  has recently introduced us to. The company is called Pure Audio. Their equipment follows our purest line of philosophy completely and their pre-amplifier combined with their mono blocks are really the perfect match for our speakers in every respect.  You won’t find a microprocessor anywhere in their design, or a variable potentiometer!  Check out http://www.pureaudio.co.nz  and if you contact them, tell them you heard about them from us.

The final choice of amplifier is yours and there is a lot to consider such as functionality versus performance. You cannot always have both for the same price and maintain quality. But rest assured Pearl Acoustics speakers are not amplifier dependent.  If you have any doubts about what to choose, please feel free to ask us for some advice.