What if they breakdown, how can I get them fixed?

Perhaps the most reassuring thing about Pearl Acoustics loudspeakers is that there is very little that can ever go wrong with them. There are no internal components, the drive units being directly connected to their silver supply cables.

The Mark Audio drive units are extremely robust incorporating state of art cone over extension damper systems. 

However, accidents can happen (children like poking their fingers in the centre cones for some unknown reason!) If they should become damaged we can supply a replacement kit (including the tools and connector, with an accompanying DVD showing you how to replace the drive units. It really is very simple indeed, requiring no special skill and only takes a couple of minutes).

If replacing the drive units is not for you, or a friend, then they will need to be returned to our nearest dealer or directly back to the factory.

Please note, because the drive units are matched pairs, you will need to replace both to be sure of having a correctly balanced system.

All Pearl Acoustics loudspeakers come with a full five year guarantee that covers all normal wear and tear, assuming the drive units have not been over driven by a too powerful sound source or a defective amplifier.