The Sibelius
The Valentini and The Sibelius

 I am worried that my room might not be suitable for the speakers? How big or small should the listening room be?

Because both the Sibelius and The Valentini have a very wide sound stage it gives them the advantage of being very effective even in small rooms. In addition both of them can be placed quite closely to the rear walls without any adverse coloration, in fact The Valentini is at its best when it is placed relatively close to a rear wall, or even better in a corner. For the Sibelius, the positioning is less critical due to it being a front loaded horn rather than rear loaded.

The ideal room size for each pair of speakers is +/-30 square meters.

However we have successfully placed our speakers in rooms from 12 to 60 square meters!

All hi-fi systems tend to perform best in rooms with relatively high damping i.e. with as little as possible reverberation, nice thick carpet and sound absorbing furniture. The room should ideally have enough depth to allow the formation of the lowest bass possible, 12’-16’ (or  +/-  4.5 meters) from the speakers to the back wall is ideal. (If your room is not this big, or if you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact us at