What is the delivery period, especially if I order a non-standard item?

At Pearl Acoustics we try to always keep a small stock of raw enclosures (complete but not yet ‘finished).

The moment we receive a customer order, specifying their choice of finish, we get to work, individually producing a unique pair of Pearl Acoustic speakers to their specific requirements. Because they are made of solid French Oak, we hand stain and then varnish them by hand. If they are going to have a lacquer finish we prefer to send out a sample of the lacquer finish to the customer, before the final finishing process is started. Because the finishes are applied in several coats in especially heated spray cabins, there is a drying time between each coat. Once this is completed (between 3 to 10 days depending on the complexity of the desired finish) we then test, certify and plate each speaker with its own unique serial number and identity plate (right and left) and then pack and prepare them ready for shipping. 

Each pair of speakers therefore takes a minimum of ten days from the placement of order until they are ready to ship.

We will confirm shipment date, within 24 hours of every order in.

If you require express manufacturing, please contact us directly, we might have ex-demo speakers available in a suitable finish or colour. sales@pearlacoustics.com

Please note: Our drive units are run in for a minimum of one hundred hours prior to final pairing with their enclosures.