What is an 'Ambassador'?

Our Ambassadors are people that actively promote Pearl Acoustics and our products. They are prepared to use various social media to tell their network about our loudspeakers. They are prepared to shoot photographs and/or videos of our loudspeakers and to upload them with a recorded soundtrack playing their favourite music.

Our Ambassadors are encouraged to talk freely on forums about Pearl Acoustics loudspeakers, answering questions and helping with local enquiries that will ultimately spread the word and award Pearl Acoustics the leading brand recognition, we think it deserves. With your help we can do it!

What are the benefits of becoming a Pearl Acoustics Ambassador?

Pearl Acoustics Ambassadors receive a substantial discount on the total cost of all their purchases from Pearl Acoustics.  In addition, Ambassadors receive attractive commissions on all orders that are generated by them, or even from leads that Pearl Acoustics have forwarded to them to help answer our client’s questions in a clear, free and unbiased way.

Pearl Acoustics Ambassadors are kept informed of all the latest developments from our factory and also from the single drive unit community. They are invited to contribute their personal opinions, experience and advice for possible future business and product developments.

Want to find out more?

Contact: ambassadors@pearlacoustics.com