Both designs look and sound great but which one should I choose?

At Pearl Acoustics we feel we have designed the perfect loudspeaker in the Sibelius, from our listening tests and from the revues we get from everyone that hears them, there are simply no faults. However The Valentini is so lovely to look at and its sound so sweet we just had to include it in our catalogue. So here’s is what we recommend:

The Sibelius

The Sibelius is perfect for reproducing all kinds of music from hard rock to solo voice or violin. It covers the full ten octaves, delivering a full rich, extremely detailed bass that is natural and pure. It’s high frequency response surpasses many systems using tweeters and super tweeters, being able to reproduce loud volume way above human hearing levels, only starting to roll above 20KHZ!
However there is a limit to how loud The Sibelius will go. We regularly test it at above one hundred decibels, which is dangerously loud for most listening rooms. But it might not be enough if you want to put them in a large room packed full of people that want to dance to loud reggae music!  For this situation you really need to rent a PA combo from your local musical instrument store…

The Valentini

Some people prefer the look of The Valentini with its sweeping front and graceful curves. It is slightly shorter and narrower than The Sibelius. In full range usage, it likes to be placed in the corner of the room.  It is perfect for reproducing acoustic music, especially classical chamber music and light jazz.  It is even fine with country and light rock music, if you are prepared to accept maximum sound levels of 95-100 decibels.  After that it really needs to be coupled to a three channel amplifier with an accompanying sub-woofer capable of relieving it of everything below 80Hz.  In that situation, The Valentini offers the very best possible, natural sound stage, at high volume, with thundering bass being handled by a high quality sub-woofer but this is not what it was originally designed for or really in line with our simplicity philosophy.  The Valentini’s high end rolls off way, way above 20Khz.
In short… The Sibelius is the perfectly balanced single driver speaker capable of covering the full audio spectrum without any bass or treble enhancement.  It is ideal for true, high end hi-fi listening, especially when driven by a high quality, class A amplifier.

The Valentini has a fantastic sound stage and imaging but for some listeners its lower bass is considered lacking. In that case the use of a sub-woofer is recommended if you want to use it for loud rock music or to place it either side of a TV screen for movie playback of movie soundtracks.