In the photographs on the website and brochure I can see some clear vertical lines in the wood and when I look closely I see that the left and right speakers are not visually exactly the same, is this normal?

Yes it is!
Our loudspeakers are made of the highest quality grade natural French Oak.


Because oak, once cut, likes to try and bend back into its original shape, sometimes causing bowing or cracks; our cabinet makers select the highest grade wood and then cut it randomly into strips of vary widths on average between 3 to 10 centimeters and then gluing all the strips back together.


This is all done in our factory under the direct supervision of our head cabinet maker.


Although we always match the direction of the grain, wherever possible, every piece of oak is totally unique so it is quite normal that one enclosures’ grain pattern will differ from any other. And unless you go for a lacquer finish or a very dark stain, unique patterning will occur.


This is how everyone will immediately notice the difference between your solid, hand-built natural oak enclosure from plastic or wood veneers on imitation or MDF wood.


Please note: The subtle visual differences between one enclosure and another has no effect on the sound it produces.