How does the speaker work?

Both designs are using forms of an exponential ‘V’ Horn which is precisely tuned to the characteristics of the drive unit.

The amplified bass sound is produced in a very similar way to that of blowing across the top of an empty glass bottle.

The frequency whistled is lowered by a number of octaves.

By using solid oak which is lined in the upper chamber with highly absorbent mid and high range dampening materials and then filling the horn with high tech Twalon™ ‘angel hair’ filling, the upper and mid frequencies from the rear of the drive unit are absorbed while the bass and lower mid frequencies are free to travel through the entire length of the horn within the enclosure, exiting via the mouth of the horn. The output of from the horn is phased with the movement of the drive cone in such a way to give a pure and unadulterated sound.

The Sibelius and The Valentini
The Frugal Horn