Our Customer Feedback:
"The best sound all day by far." 
Andrew Blatherwick - March 2017
Hifi Wigwam


Have to say that these speakers and the Funk turntable were the highlight of the Scalford show for me. The timing, extension reality and speed of the Sibelius were beyond anything at the show... and they were in some very expensive company. I'll be making plans for a pair of these


Tim Klapproth - March 2017

Hifi Show Scalford

"There were not many things at the Bristol to wow me this year - however, even if there had been, the Pearl Acoustic speakers would still have been best in show. Totally musical sound - especially in the room where they were being driven by a reel-2-reel and Astin Trew amplification - I could have stayed all day"

Derek Cottrell - February 2017

"When you listen to the new Pearl Acoustics single driver loudspeakers called 'Sibelius', you will hear every instrument beautifully spaced with presence and depth. In fact the most natural performance you are likely to hear ... anywhere."

 Justin Bird - March, 2017

The solo pieces in particular were crystal clear (perhaps excessively so, as every little "default" e.g. fingernails tapping against piano keys or bow/fingers against cello woodwork, breathing came across very clearly).

Songs (classical and modern) gave us a lot of satisfaction too... 
Chamber music was splendid. All instruments well placed. Sound image very transparent. Details very accurate. 

Philippe Wacker, Brussels, Belgium (2013)

"époustouflé", "van mijn sokken geblazen", literally blown away by this unique sound experience: this purity, power and intimacy produced by these Pearl Acoustic speakers.... I never heard such a perfect sound before. It was a tele-portation in the recording studios of Oscar Peterson, Birdy, Pieter Wispelwey, Marc Knofler.

My eyes shut, I really thought I was there, with them! As soon as I opened my eyes again... the dream wasn't over: I could still see and listen to the Pearl Acoustic beauties.

Timothee Stockmans , 2014

"Sitting right in front of the Sibelius speakers at Pearl Acoustics in Tienen, Belgium, I was really impressed. I am sure that with my eyes closed, I would have bet there was somebody playing for me. Not a pair of speakers. One really has the impression there is an instrument playing live right in front of you. The timbres are so honest and accurate, the tone balance and harmonics of the actual instrument are so precisely correct… You can hear where the clarinet player sits in the orchestra, how big the concert hall was, feel the double bass vibrating, the color of the piccolo: all ranges are amazingly natural. As well every genre sounds with so much definition: Beethoven on the violin, David Russell on classical guitar, Nina Simone with Jazz band, … I almost wouldn't leave my house any more for a live concert. Almost."

Koen Claeys, 2014 - Solo classical guitarist and performer (Read more on Koen)

As we closed our eyes and listened to Adèle, we forgot time and place. The Sibelius speakers really bring you in the moment. It feels like you are sitting in the front row of Adele's concert!

All we can say is WOW, amazing!

Hearing Nina Simones first recording through Pearl acoustics loudspeackers made time stand still. Or better: it took me back in time...

With my eyes closed I honestly thought she was right with us IN the room! Impressive sound. Beautiful materials and design.

Karolien Emmers & Sarah Callens – Loving the good things in life – Co-Founders of Hellomydear.be

"We listened to everything from Tord Gustavsen Trio to Radiohead to Frank Martin on the Sibelius loudspeakers. Besides the fact that these recordings sounded better and clearer than I had ever heard them before, the thing that really stuck out for me was how present and well placed all of the individual musicians sounded. Close your eyes and it’s as if you’ve stepped into a time machine and ended up in the middle of Nina Simone’s rehearsal room.

Of course nothing beats a live experience, but if your favorite band’s not in town tonight or you happen to be a big fan of said Nina or artists that have suffered the same fate, give these speakers a try."

Maarten Geebels, 2014 - Researcher and serious amateur classical guitarist